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Apr 22
Apr 28

FPASATX Presents: Understanding BitCoin and Digital Assets

Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency. We go back to show why Bitcoin was created, the problems in the financial system that the framers were trying to solve, and how they went about solving them - some of the technical aspects of how


Mentor Programs

Many look to fellow members for advice and guidance in career management and case development. It’s important to develop opportunities for new, student and existing members to connect. A mentor program will enrich our association’s membership by making the members more qualified leaders in the association, in business and in life.

As ambassadors between industry leaders and up-and-comers, it is important to serve our members by implementing programs that help financial planning practitioners be more successful.

To sign up as a mentor or mentee (or both), please complete this short questionnaire:  https://fpasatx.org/form.php?form_id=19